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When it comes to the phases of home ownership, figuring out the next step in the process and where to start can be so disjointed, tangential, and exhausting. Do you want to buy, renovate an existing home, make over your current home to fit your needs, get ready to list, build a new home, buy land, or find an income producing property? Once you try to navigate these initial questions (often an involved and complicated process), you then must start the process of making things happen. Do you call a designer, architect, general contractor, design/build firm, realtor, or research how to DIY?

How do I get an idea of ballpark budget to set aside? How much is too much on an estimate? How do I ask the right questions so I understand what is included and what I need to set aside as a cushion? How long will this take? Do I need a designer? Can I take on a major change without it taking over my life?

The questions and decisions are a constant.

If you already work full time or juggle caring for children or loved ones, the involvement needed is even more overwhelming. But sometimes we need a change regardless of the other demands in our lives. I have personally had to make major life changes during unplanned, stressful, and chaotic situations.

After wading through my own sea of complicated decision making and ever moving project parts, I started to see that if you have no clue what you are doing and little experience in the home design/build world, you probably need some hand holding and help through your next Home Pivot. Even those who have been through major transitions before may be surprised at how much has changed and find their previous experiences wildly outdated.

I started Your Home Pivot™ to provide clients with a much smoother transition into the next phase of their home journey.

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